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Senior Executive Service Application Changes

The Federal Government has codified the three ways Senior Executive Service (SES) applications are now being accepted as of 6/2010:

1. A traditional package with a Federal Resume (this can be of varying length with unique requirements depending on the package – also can be an online version), 5 Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) Statements and other essay questions. Note the ECQs and other essays can also have unique formating requirements.

2. Just a resume (typically up to 5 pages – can be shorter) with specific formating and informational requirement statements covering the resume, ECQs and other essays. This actually takes more work to write than the traditional package above – since EVERY word must count and typically information must be left off which in the past could help a person to score higher.

3. A different SES package including a Federal Resume, ECQ Competencies and other essays. Even though the competencies covered are different or less than the traditional SES package, this package takes the same amount of time to write as the traditional package.

Based on this change, which is now official, does not recommend you prepare your initial SES package in advance. You may spend many hours writing ECQs which are no longer useable, due to changes in both format and requirements.

Instead, just concentrate on your accomplishments, using a Challenge-Context-Action-Result model, and then do the verbiage later. Many folks need professional help to do this. If so, remains ready to help.

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