Pricing believes in a personal approach to resume development. We help you select the package you need based on consultation – to be sure you select the package you need and then price the package based on the number of hours and level of composition required to develop your Federal package. This depends on your job level, your type of experience, and the number of years of your experience.
Typical price ranges for the RESUME are below. Note: if you require essays or KSAs, there are additional costs (also outlined below the resume costs). All packages up to GS-15 include 1 hour of consultation with a specialist. SES packages include up to 4 hours of consultation to discuss ECQs.
Federal Resumes:
WG Series: $445 to $1195
GS-1 to GS-4: $445 to $895
GS-5 to GS-7: $645 to $1095
GS-9: $895 to $1295
GS-11 to GS-13: $995 to $1445
GS-14 to GS-15: $1295 to $3000
SES: $2200 to $3500 (if ECQs/TQs are in the resume)
KSAs, Essays, TQs, and ECQs pricing depend on the level. Typical prices for each are:
KSAs: $125 – $400 Each

TQs: $400 – $700 Each

ECQs: $650+ Each

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