Our Process

Make the DealHow We Work With You

FederalResumes.net will professionally work with you to
develop your resume package. The steps include:

1. Initial contact to determine the correct package for your
needs. In order to determine the best package for your needs,
we will need information on what you want to apply for and
your background. Please email, fax or mail FederalResumes.net and attach your existing resume, career documentation (if you were in the military – your evaluations, awards, certifications and training) and any jobs or job announcements you want to apply for. Include information on how to contact you.

2. Once we receive your information, we will call or email you, with a free consultation to determine the best package to fit your needs. We can call overseas to many destinations in Europe and Asia – and if you are on Skype or Yahoo! Messenger, we can also call you via Internet Phone to other locations throughout the world.

3. During that consultation, we will quote the price of the package. You can pay FederalResumes.net by check, money order, debit card or credit card – we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Note: If you agree to have FederalResumes.net develop your package, FederalResumes.net will send you an invoice for you to sign prior to starting work on the package. This signature is important to ensure we have agreement on the work we are going to produce and the terms for doing the work.

4. Upon receipt of the invoice, FederalResumes.net will create a questionnaire to be sure to include all the information required in a resume (especially important for a Federal resume package), all of the key words employers look for AND most importantly, to ensure we include all of your accomplishments to highlight how you bring VALUE to a potential employer. FederalResumes.net can conduct this interview by phone or receive your written answers – your choice.

5. Once you answer your questionnaire, FederalResumes.net will develop your career marketing package, using their expertise and experience to present your skills, background, ACCOMPLISHMENTS and expertise in a powerful document for your use. The document will be created specifically for you, based on the information you provide.

6. FederalResumes.net will send you your resume draft via email in the Microsoft Word format – and if needed or desired ASCII or PDF formats. You will have 3 weeks to provide Federal Resume Pros any changes to your documentation.