Federal Jobs in Demand

The following Federal Jobs are in demand for November per GovCentral:

The Most In-Demand Federal Jobs in November.

Accounting, Budget, and Finance – 775 openings
Biological Sciences – 613 openings
Business, Industry, and Procurement – 799 openings
Engineering and Architecture – 1129 openings
Management, Administration, Clerical, and Office Services – 1525 openings
Medical, Dental, and Public Health – 3151 openings
Physical Sciences – 322 openings
Safety, Health, and Physical and Resource Protection – 276 openings
Social Science, Psychology, and Welfare – 592 openings
Trade and Labor – 502 openings

Note, GovCentral says more than 300,000 openings were available for jobs for the Federal Government in August 2010.

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