Status of KSAs for Federal Jobs

In June, President Obama issued an Executive Order to eliminate KSAs from Federal Job applications by Nov 1st. This article has information on the status.

This has been partially implemented and is still a work in progress. Per my sources, the status for KSAs for Federal jobs is still in flux. Some agencies are complying with the new requirements for less KSAs, but others seem to be still requiring them. Just today, I evaluated a vacancy announcement (posted this week) which requires 20 (yes 20!) separate essays for application. The procedures for application also seem to be getting more complicated for clients, with several agencies now changing their methods (I have seen more AVUE postings in the past few days – some by agencies who had not used AVUE previously) on how to apply for jobs.

OPM is proud how they think the changes are going. See the following link for more information:

You also may want to see a Washington Post article on this change:

I will be posting additional information as this dynamic situation changes.

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